Consulting & Financial Coaching

Our project-based consulting services are geared toward startups and companies with revenues below $500K. Access to our financial experts and business consultants can help you identify solutions to problems many entrepreneurs may face in business.

Some of the consulting services include but are not limited to:
• Business Formation
• Business Plans
• Accounting Software Setup
• Financial Training
• Business Financing

If you find yourself making financial goals year after year but you just can’t seem to make any substantial progress, then our customized financial coaching may interest you. Our financial coaching provides guidance and accountability along with our expertise to help you achieve your goals. With this service, you do the heavy lifting as we direct you down the right path. Having financial stability and security in both your personal and business life will give you the freedom to live life on your terms. When you execute on your financial plans you are also in a better position to pass on a legacy to your family and set the next generation up for years to come.

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