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Growing businesses benefit greatly from outsourced financial services and consulting by leveraging the expertise of knowledgeable and experienced executives without breaking the bank.

Outsourcing your financial services saves you time and money with the following benefits:
• Access to a seasoned financial professional who understands your business
• More clarity around the finances of your business
• Scalability with your business
• More cost effective than a full-time in-house resource
• Better decision-making with access to accurate, timely unbiased financial data

We offer outsourced Controller and CFO services to take your business in the next phase of growth with ease. The Controller role primarily focused on the reporting of past activity of the business to determine the financial health of the business whereas the CFO role is focused on the future of the business and where it plans to go. In essence, you need both performance measuring activities as well as strategic planning for the future to achieve the financial goals of the business.

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Controller Services
As your business continues to grow in revenues, you will definitely need more than the basic bookkeeping service to manage the finances. At the controller level, financial reporting and analysis is needed to interpret what the numbers mean for the business. This high-level analysis enables the Controller to advise the CEO on activities that protect the assets and limits or mitigates potential risk to business. The Controller focuses on operational oversight and effectiveness as well as manage the bookkeeping and accounting.

Controller level services includes overseeing accounting practices and implementing financial policies. Businesses who benefit from this service have a small team and are in growth mode while adding new services or product lines. Some of the responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

Controller Advantage
• Bookkeeping Oversight
• Financial Statement Reporting & Analysis
• Customized Management Reports
• Monitor and Review Payroll Process
• Budget Management
• Accounts Receivable Management
• Accounts Payable Management
• Cloud Accounting Software Support
• Collaboration with Tax Professional & Auditor

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Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Our CFO includes a forward-thinking approach to help the business achieve its financial goals. The CFO handles financial planning, forecasting and manages the accounting team.

Our outsourced CFO has a deep understanding of your business model and operations. CFO services nurtures your banking relationship and assists with securing financing from optimal lending sources. The CFO is also the liaison to your board of directors, prepares detailed financial and management reporting, works with auditors, performs planning, sets policies around controls, sets policies around payroll, does budgeting and forecasting, and handles any compliance issues.

CFO Amplify
• Financial Reporting & Analysis
• Management Reporting
• Monthly KPI Reporting and Analysis
• Profitability Analysis
• Cash Flow Management & Analysis
• Financial Forecasting
• Strategic Planning
• Financial Planning
• Compliance Oversight
• Risk Management
• Industry Benchmark Reporting
• Liaison with Lenders, Investors, Board Members, Attorneys

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Consulting & Financial Coaching

Our project-based consulting services are geared toward startups and companies with revenues below $500K. Access to our financial experts and business consultants can help you identify solutions to problems many entrepreneurs may face in business.

Some of consulting services include but are not limited to:
• Business Formation
• Business Plans
• Accounting Software Setup
• Financial Training
• Business Financing

If you find yourself making financial goals year after year but you just can’t seem to make any substantial progress, then our customized financial coaching may interest you. Our financial coaching provides guidance and accountability along with our expertise to help you achieve your goals. With this service you do the heavy lifting as we direct you down the right path. Having financial stability and security in both your personal and business life will give you the freedom to live life on your terms. When you execute on your financial plans you are also in a better position to pass on a legacy to your family and set the next generation up for years to come.

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